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A Spa is Born..

Spa Seven has officially opened!

Our mission at Spa Seven is to provide a first class Spa Experience offering a range of LUXURY bespoke treatments. A tranquil hideaway in a stunning village location, where knowledge comfort and personalised attention to detail provide a memorable experience. The aim is to leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and balanced in both mind & body..

I am passionate about the industry and aim to provide a personalised professional service"

Why Seven?

SEVEN is considered LUCKY by many people, its a spiritual number and it also happens to be the number where Spa Seven is situated!

Check out our Spa Seven 7 Step Signature Pedicure

We offer a range of different treatments from Bespoke Massages to Facials to Hot stone Pedicures, Spa body treatments & Beauty Services..

Treat your feet sit back and relax..

What makes a Spa Pedicure?

EVERYTHING! not only do they make your feet look good but they feel oh so good..from the warm aromatherapy foot soak, to the deep cleansing exfoliation, to the heated booties.. who doesn't want to sit back comfortably with a warm drink, a chat, a magazine, or simply recline in comfort and fall asleep whilst your feet are massaged and preened to perfection. Whatever your spa style a pedicure is a must for both Men and Women. If you have never had a pedicure you should come and try one its good for you and will leave your feet healthy and feeling and looking amazing..

"Luxury isn't a choice its a necessity!"

Pop in and say hello to find out more about the treatments Spa Seven has to offer!

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